Pitch Control System

DC 7 cabinets pitch control solution

7 cabinet mainly consists of main control cabinet, pitch cabinet, battery cabinet, wherein the main control cabinet takes control of variable pitch blade logic, calculating blade balance and monitoring equipment safety; pitch cabinet consists of variable pitch drive, to adjust blade according to the speed command or position command. The variable pitch drive receives motor temperature(warning and alarm) and motor brake control, also can monitor the motor feedback devices (such as: resolver feedback, optical encoder feedback, SSI absolute encoder or optical encoder) , open loop control of DC motor can be operated even if the feedback device is damaged, with built in DC bus interface, normal blades control even when low voltage ride through happens, fully guarantee the safety of wind power tower; the system has variety of drive mode: manual mode (for external control box), communication control mode, normal mode, safe mode (emergency blade closing), flexible selections to fulfill all kinds of operating conditions; The drive has thin film panel, can change drive parameters with film keys and digital tube; can also use the PC software to connect the drive, with better human-computer interface. 


6 cabinets pitch control solution

The 6 cabinets pitch control solution is the upgrade version of original 7 cabinets solution, mainly consists of pitch cabinet and battery cabinet, main control function integration as much as possible into pitch drive, so the ability of pitch drive in addition to the basic features also have higher control capability and capable of solving a variety of external abnormal situation, better IO than the original 7 cabinets, standard CANOPEN communication, analog acquisition port to collect the voltage or current (which can be used for monitoring the super capacitor voltage), temperature resistor interface (can be used to collect temperature), equipped with SSI absolute position encoder and resolver feedback, capable of simultaneously double feedback, can be used for safety redundancy design or real-time blades balance adjustment, also with S curve control and velocity gradient,to run the blades smoothly and guarantee mechanical structure protection; 


AC permanent magnet synchronous pitch control solution

The advantages that comparing AC permanent magnet synchronous motor and the traditional DC motor as following: small size, light weight, high efficiency, better overload and lower cost at the same power level, so the future trend of the system becoming AC permanent magnet synchronous pitch control system. Mature products are now used for 2MW and 3MW wind power generators, with resolver and SSI absolute encoder simultaneously double effective feedback, to achieve double checking, standard CANOPEN communication, analog temperature acquisition (temperature acquisition cabinet), motor brake control, open loop control of AC permanent magnet synchronous motor when loss motor feedback, to let motor execute pitch closing even without feedback, ensure the safety of wind tower; 

Main features of Stars wind power pitch control system:          

l  Compatible power supply 220VAC, 275VAC, 400VAC;

l  Wide temperature range adaptation (-40 ~ +65 C);

l  High altitude adaptation (0 ~ 4000 m);

l  Military requirements: Salt, vibration, shock, high and low temperature;

l  Integrated power protection function;

l  High efficiency system;

Compatible a large variety of feedback: resolver, tachogenerator, SSI absolute position encoder, optical encoder and other feedback types.