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E series
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E series

Tipical application
Product overview

Advantages: large power & size ratio, torque overload ratio greater than 2.2 times.         

1. Cooling: forced fan cooling, natural cooling or water cooling;          

2. Protection level: IP54;          

3. Insulation level: F;          

4. Environmental conditions: relative humidity 90%~95%, operating temperature -20 DEG C ~+40 C / C, storage temperature -25 ~+70 C / C. When altitude at 1000 meters, -10% capacity/1000 meters;          

5. Installation: below 230 frame: flange; over 350 frame: flange + base;          

6. External shaft: shaft extension with closed key slot;          

7. Temperature sensor: KTY84-130;          

8. Optional brake;          

9. Feedback components: resolver, magnetic encoder;          

10. Matching servo drive power supply voltage: three-phase 380VAC. 

Product parameters

1. Type

1)         Motor frame: 140, 190, 230, 350, 800 etc.

2)         Matched servo drive power supply: 2 stand for single or 3 phase 220VAC, 4 stand for 380VAC, 5 stand for 480VAC

3)         Product type code: B, E, F etc.

4)         Rated torque: 82 means 82N.m

5)         Rated speed(numbers) or speed code(letters): 17 stand for 1700rpm, 20 stand for 2000rpm

6)         Motor max short time overload torque: 285 stand for 285N.m

7)         Feedback code: X stand for resolver; P stand for absolute position encoder; A stand for magnet encoder; M stand for optical encoder; C stand for tachogenerator (the number 1 or 2 after the code stand for the different type of the chosen encoder, please check the detailed list)

8)         N: no brake; Z: default non-manual release power lose brake; S: default manual release power lose brake; D: power brake

9)         Product power line type: H stand for junction box; G stand for connector;

10)     Product serial number: 1-9, A-Z stand for special type, letter ”O, L, I, Z” are not in use.


2. Parameters

1. Rated power; 2. Rated/max torque; 3. Rated/max speed; 4. Continuous torque(max speed); 5. Continuous power(max speed); 6. Rated/max current; 7. Line EMF value; 8. Rotate inertia; 9. Motor pole pairs; 10. 20℃ stator line resistance Rm; 11. Stator line inductance Lw;

Product size

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