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Guilin mayor visited Stars Technology

Time: 2017-04-06    Click: 2368

  February 16th morning, Guilin mayor Zhou Jiabin and his team visited the Guilin Stars Technologies Co. Ltd., General manager Mr Ma and chairman of the board Mr Lu accompanied at exhibition hall, Mr Lu presented development progress, qualifications, R & D and sales of products in details for mayor.

  Mayor Zhou Jiabin learned that Guilin Stars Technologies Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises, provincial technology innovation demonstration enterprises, servo motors and drives as main products, such as high precision military servo system, wind turbine pitch servo system, hydraulic servo system, direct drive screw pump oil extraction machine, robotic servo system etc.. At present, the company has 11 patents, with annual sales of $100 million.

  Zhou Jiabin said that enterprises have R & D capability and independent core technology is the foundation of development, hope enterprises to continuously strengthen the ability of independent innovation, develop excellent quality, leading-edge products to enter the mainstream market and global market.
  High and new technology is the life of high-tech enterprises, has the possibility of continuous development and growth, but also to attract the upstream and downstream industry chain, can greatly improve local industrial development. Many high-tech enterprises settled in Qixing District has good foundation, hope Qixing District high tech committee and other relevant departments to offer benefit policy, talent, capital, service and support enterprises, to provide maximum support funds to break the bottleneck of the development of enterprises. Promoting combined effect of high-tech enterprises, attracting more enterprises to settle in Guilin, improve the growing of related industries.
  Hope enterprise can grasp opportunity, aim at right market, further expand the production, expand the market share, and grow up to be the leader of the industry.