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Science and Technology innovation industry receives great benefit policies Stars Technology most lethal!

Time: 2017-04-06    Click: 570

  February 20th, the Guilin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau held in Shanshui Grand Hotel Conference Center, offering technological projects and management training. The city science and technology enterprises, research institutes, medical institutions, intermediary services, the park service department, universities, scientific research units and city science and technology management department in total of 600 people attended the training.
  The training session is to deliver development strategy, and create innovation and development of industrial decisions by Technology Bureau and Guangxi committee. Technology Bureau Director Huang Qiang said that Guangxi province science and technology funds should be steady growth, also 2017 -2020 establish a new innovation funds of 5 billion yuan for the development of science and technology funds, this year will not be less than 2 billion yuan, the support is unprecedented. This year is the innovation policy "landing" year, an important work of our scientific and technological innovation, is to help enterprises and scientific research institutions, universities in Guangxi, improve planning, construction, refining and reporting a number of strong innovation. Hope that through special training, to enhance the awareness of the city's enterprises and the ability to build projects, and try to get more support for innovation and development for the province".
  This training invited Guangxi science and Technology Department expert to present  development strategy related policies, to understand national "13 Five-Year" Guangxi science and technology project reporting guidelines. Technology Bureau leaders presented specific requirements for scientific and technological projects.
  By learning and training, to understand Guangxi science and technology policy even further, and clear the new requirements for science and technology projects under the new situation, provides useful guidance and clear direction for projects.