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Mr LU, chairman of the board together with his wife Mrs Qiu expedition Antarctic the Great Wall station

Time: 2017-04-06    Click: 602
  On November 2016 16-18, Guilin Stars Technology Co. Ltd. chairman Mr Lu and his wife Mrs Qiu together visited Great Wall scientific research station at south Shetland islands of south pole, to "see" the silent Stars servo running for years.
  Star Technology has been developing servo control for more than twenty years, products include DC servo and AC servo motor and drive, dual motor servo system and other military and civilian products, power products range from tens of watts to hundreds of kilowatts, motor torque range up to tens of thousands of nm. Stars Technology military class servo system used in aerospace measurement and control, sea monitoring and control, polar research station and various types of scientific research or military equipment, to silently output power for country!