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Guilin Stars Science And Technology Co., Ltd gets certificate of TüV.

Time: 2017-07-27    Click: 2115

  Guilin Stars Science And Technology Co., Ltd (Short for “STARS”)was awarded the authority certificate of Germany TüV on July 11, 2017.It marks that STARS will be widely recognized by manufacturers, suppliers and certification organization in Europe and even over the world.At the same time, STARSabtains the honorary title “jin ping cheng qi” of Alibaba.com, which lays a strong foundation for STARS to open up overseas markets, expand international business, improve products market competitiveness and obtain higher international attention.

  As an international well-known independent certification testing agent, TüVhas more than 140 years of experience, 500 branches in 69 countries on 5 continents, with more than 22000 active leading experts in their fields, to provide professional servicesfor the global customer support.Meanwhile,TüV.Is alsothe most influential foreign inspection agent in 2016, and its services ranges from industrial and energy services, electrical and electronic products testing, communications, consumer goods testing, ergonomic assessment, transportation services, rail system security, green product certification, training and qualification recognition, system management and certification services.TüV is always famous for its strict quality testing certification service, and provides various professional independent fair  assessment. It provides quality service and solution which meets related safe、quality and environment standard.

  In early July, TüV reviewed STARS.Its inspector checked and saw the current situation of STARS, human resources, production, sales, export capacity, quality control, process management capability, R&D management ability, enterprise development planning etc.By strictreview and assessment, it made an authority assessment report,including the capability and the main products reports,which truly shows the comprehensive strength of STARS and provides expert opinions for STARS to improve product quality and improve the system structure.

  In addition, Guilin Stars Science And Technology Co., Ltd will take advantage of  alibaba platform to carry out international trade cooperation.The abtaining of “JinPingChengQi” will greatly help STARS to  improve the exposure on the alibaba search engine, increase enquiries and attention. Meanwhile, it ensures the products safety and reliable certificate for customers, and let the overseas buyers get a better shopping experience.